March 2020

What Are The Steps Involved In Importing A Car To The Australia?

Every country has their own rules and the policies related to the imports and the exports. Not all the things could be imported and neither exported in all the countries. You need to get the approval of the allowed imports and the exports as well. Fortunately, Australia is the country in which you can import cars to Australia under certain condition. If you want to get in this procedure, then there are some steps which you should follow and these are listed below:

Do your research:

First of all, you need to do your research to answer the basic questions such as you must know that even in the cars, not all the cars could be imported so make sure that the car you are trying to import is allowed in Australia. When you have figured this out then you need to determine under which category your import car falls and then based on this category you could apply for the approval of the import. Determine the additional costs which are total of all the clearance, custom shipping and tax costs. Apart from this you must know that how much time will the procedure take and how long before you need to start applying to get your car imported at the time you require. Once you have figured all these, then you need to determine the documentation which you require.

Register your import and get your approval:

For officially registering your import, contact the related department and then get yourself registered there by filling the application which cost around the 50 dollars. Once you have submitted the application then after certain time, you will receive an email in which there will be the approval for the import. Sometimes, the department also attach the rules and the policies for the car usage in the Australia.

Prepare the car for the shipping:

It is possible that the country you are importing the car from is facing some outbreak which could also be spread with the import parts. To avoid such situations, it is made sure that the car is cleaned and the materials which could be possibly contaminated are removed prior to the shipping. Visit this link for more info on shipping vehicles to Australia.

Clear the custom duties:

The custom fee includes the clearance, taxes and some other duties. You need to pay all these to make sure that all these are cleared to get your car. After this you need to make sure that your import fulfils all the Australian quarantine requirements as well as all the import policies.